Monday 5 September 2011

First post!

Well, here we go.  Not sure how much qudos I get for having the first post on my own blog, but there you go.

So, why yet another blog?  Well, mostly just to rant and to think out loud, but also because it's yet another thing to sign up for on the web, and I'm a bit addicted to new stuff.  (The whole process is made a lot easier when you've got LastPass)

I would love to be starting this on my own domain, on my own fantastic paid hosting but I fear with a wife and two kids, my development time to write it (the code not the content) would be limited, and I would struggle to reproduce what the Google engineers give me for free.  Also, I've been through the phase of needing to write everything myself, and wasted a lot of time doing so (although I have learnt a lot).

So, until the next post, welcome.

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