Thursday 30 October 2014

My Z wave and Openhab configuration

Over the last few weeks I've dived into Z Wave home automation with both feet, and now have several things working well (after much fiddling).  For those of you thinking of doing the same, or having issues with anything, you might want to look over my github repository which contains my openhab configuration files.

I'm using OpenHAB and I've been nothing but impressed with it, fully open source, and the google group is insanely helpful (Thanks Chris!)

I'm currently using:
An ASUS eeePC 901 running Debian Jessie
An Aeon Labs Z-Stick S2 USB Zwave stick
2 x Aeon Labs 4 in 1 multisensors
2 x Vision Security door/window sensors
3 x TKB Home wall plugs
1 x Horstmann ASR-ZW + HRT4-ZW boiler control / thermostat combo

I'm currently implementing the "wasp in a box" presence detection to control heating temperatures to attempt to save money, and busy thinking of more use cases for it.

I'll commit to the repo whenever anything changes, and hopefully keep you updated here if I remember.

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