Sunday 24 February 2013

Getting an Obihai 202 working with Sipgate UK

I received my Obi202 VoIP ATA yesterday, took it out of the box, tossed aside the counterfeit PAP2T, plugged it all in and fired up the web interface (dial ***030, option 1).  I entered the settings for (from their website), but kept getting "403 - No valid Username" whenever I tried to register.  Googling didn't seem to help, so I thought I'd share the solution here.

The OBi202 has 3 fields (amongst others) under System Management -> Voice Services -> SPx service, they are AuthUserName, AuthPassword, URI.  

I set them to my sipgate 8-digit username, my sipgate password, and then guessed at "" for the URI.  I then wasted an hour trawling through the other settings (of which there are many) - none of which made any difference.

The solution? URI isn't a url or domain name, it's just your username, so set it exactly the same as the AuthUserName, and everything will work perfectly.

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