Wednesday 20 February 2013

I've been sold a counterfeit VoIP ATA

Recently, the call quality of my VoIP calls over my Linksys PAP2T box has dramatically decreased, to the point that calls are barely decipherable.  So off I go to the internet to research reasons and solutions.  I tried a few things, but to seemingly no effect.  Even a call to sipgate's 10000 test number was garbled.  It didn't matter whether I used G.711u or G.729a.  I found reloading the status page whilst on a call very slow indeed, making it difficult to get stats on jitter and packet loss, etc.

When I got to the bottom of this page I noticed a warning about counterfeit Linksys PAP2Ts, and curiosity took me here.  To my dismay my grey box failed all of the prerequisites for being a genuine product:

1) I bought it on eBay
2) The item description was "UNLOCKED LINKSYS PAP2T-NA SIP VOIP Phone Adapter 2 Port From london sell"
3) It came from china, from a seller with poor english
4) It was cheap (£21)
5) The MAC address started 00:AA:B9 which isn't a Cisco MAC
6) The sticker on the back was not just wrong, it was missing entirely
7) The 2 pin power supply looked nothing like it should
8) I'm not even sure I got a box with it.

The most worrying part is, the potentially dangerous piece of kit had been plugged into the mains in my house 24/7 for many months.

The call quality may be entirely unrelated to the provenance of the ATA, but I'm buying a new one nonetheless.

more information:

VoIP Fan - Check if a PAP2/PAP2T is genuine:

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