Friday 1 March 2013

Energy Saving Tip #1

Originally published: 2010-11-10 on my old blog

At our house I'm always keen to keep the energy bills (and by extension our carbon footprint)
as low as possible, so my first tip would be not to heat your water any more than you need to.

How many places have you been to where the hot tap is scolding hot, and you can't wash your
hands under it without burning yourself? Or when you need gallons of cold water in your bath
just to make it a comfortable temperature. You can alter this quite easily in most homes by
changing the value on the thermostat wrapped around the hot water cylinder. Mine's pictured below
and I've got it set to about 48 degrees C. This means that I can have a nice warm bath without needing
to add any cold water whatsoever, and only heats the water as much as anyone in the house needs.

I you haven't got a hot water cylinder in your house you may be able to achieve the same effect by
tweaking the "power" knob on your boiler.

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