Friday 1 March 2013

Save money on your Google Adwords campaigns

Originally published: 2010-04-17 on my old blog

It's just occurred to me that if you've got a sufficiently well-known website (think Amazon, Tesco, etc) that there's no point in you bidding for your own name as a keyword in your Adwords campaign. If your website already occupies the top few listings in google's organic (unpaid) search results, then big companies could save a huge amount by not having a sponsored link as well.

I've noticed that a large proportion of 'ordinary' web users will click on a sponsored (paid) link without  realising, and an increasing number of people use Google / Yahoo / [insert favourite engine here] as their address bar (i.e. rather than typing Facebook into your browser's address bar (and letting the browser
sort out the http://www and .com bits automatically, they'll bring up a search engine instead (sometimes with comical results)

So if you run an Adwords campaign (and you rank well in organic search) consider not bidding for your
own brandname as a keyword on it's own, as it'll be cheaper for you if people just click the first organic result instead!

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